Saturday, October 20, 2012

Colt's First Halloween Costume Contest

It's no secret that Heather loves Halloween!  She decorates the house from top to bottom and front to back and considers for months costume choices.  Years past, we've gone all out on our costumes...last year we occupied Club Vapor and our first year as New Yorkers we chilled out as Chilean Miners while trying to win the $1,000 grand prize at Saratoga Casino.  So far, we haven't won.

Now, we have a new guy on our team!  Colt entered his first Halloween costume contest today at the Clifton Park Center's Mall-O-Ween party.  We showed up ready to split! (*giggle*)

The event was sponsored by Radio Disney and Spirit Halloween stores, which meant there were plenty of ghouls and goblins dancing around!

We can't pass up a photo opp...even if it involves creepy baby dolls.  Colt didn't seem bothered by the demonic babies and if his mother hadn't scooped him up, he probably would have had a great time banging away on the monster baby's arm.

Did we mention the place was packed??  Colt was up against some stiff fact, he was number 119 out of 120!

Thankfully, his father volunteered to carry him through the contest...after all, Brett thinks Colt is the top banana!

Sadly, Colt didn't win the $150 top prize...but we don't think he even noticed.  Several people stopped us to take his picture, including the event organizers.  The big winners were a peacock, Elvis and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer.  (Some parents are really creative!)  Guess who's already plotting costumes for next year?!?