Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Messy Man

We've recently nick-named Colt, "Messy Man."  Can you guess why??

We've considered just stripping him down naked and putting his Bumbo chair in the bathtub and then opening up the jar of baby food.  Rinse & repeat, right?  We do have the matching Bumbo tray, but have learned it's just one more thing you've gotta clean up....notice the attack of the green beans next to him in the floor.

Messy Man gets everything messy!  You can see from our pictures, we plop him down right in the middle of the kitchen floor, aiming to get him out of arm's reach from everything.  He still manages to get whatever he's eating everywhere!  In his hair, on the cabinets, on the refrigerator, on who ever is lucky enough to be dodging his own personal food fight.  We are also wearing out our Shark steam mop, cleaning the floor at least once a day.  That was one handy Christmas gift, Taryn-thanks!

Oh, and btw-he was eating prunes in this picture...so you can imagine how bad the real mess was that came later!

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