Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photographing the 'Nanner Man

Guess what Colt's going to be for Halloween??

'Nanner Man had his picture made by the Picture People in Crossgates Mall in Albany.  Heather had purchased a Groupon to the the store nabbing us a huge bundle of pictures for only $16.  

We were pretty pleased with the snapshots!

Our photographer Kayte snapped a couple in some other outfits too.  Colt had planned on wearing a cute Polo shirt with matching Polo khakis that we had bought for him before he was born (our first purchase when we found out we were going to be parents) but managed to spit up erupt half a bottle minutes before we walked in for our appointment.  Luckily, we hadn't put his shirt on him yet.  Thank goodness there was an extra pair of jeans in the car that he ended up wearing!

Thankfully, his other outfits were pretty simple.

These are some of our favorite pics of him...ever!

But don't be surprised if you see this shiny hiney in his high school yearbook Senior ad!