Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky Sights in Salem, Massachusetts

With Halloween just around the corner and our friend Andy Whitaker in town for a visit, we needed some scary weekend fun! We loaded up the crew and headed over to Massachusetts to check out the spooky town of in the same one from the Salem Witch Trials.

We weren't able to get into town until after dark so we didn't get to see a whole lot. The self proclaimed "Halloween Capital of the World" is a typical beautiful New England town with just a little spooky sprinkled in.  There were plenty of folks out on the streets in fact there was a Harry Potter Ball going on in town!  We also got serenaded by a group of sparsely clothed pirates on the street.

It was dark, but we did get to see the statue of Roger Conant, aka The Puritan, in front of the Salem Witch Museum.  Mr. Conant was actually one of the good guys in early Salem, helping others and raising morale to make it through the tough times.  He was one of the first two Salem representatives to the colony's general court.

We stopped by the Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo, which was actually a little disappointing...we thought it would be bigger than it was.  There were booths of magical products and folks were offering tarot card and palm readings.  All the incense in the room really made it smell kind of bad so we didn't stay long.

Heather booked us on the Spellbound Tours, reportedly one of the best walking ghost, witch and vampire tours in town.  Our group got special silver stickers to wear!

Colt wasn't scared at all during the tour.  He could just hide his eyes behind his snugly winter blanket made for his stroller.

Spellbound Tours is run by a licensed parapsychologist, Dr. Vitka, who led us through the dark alleys and streets of Salem.  He came complete with black fluffy pirate shirt, medical bag and cane...authentic!  He was a great speaker and brought to life the history of Salem in an informative, creepy way.

We were advised to take tons of pictures in hopes that we would catch orbs, ectoplasm or apparitions on camera.  Heather took probably the most clear pictures she's ever snapped on the tour. (Go figure, right?)  We aimed the camera in the direction of where people had died or been buried but didn't really catch much.

However, when we got to the Charter Street burial ground/Old Burying Point Cemetery, where there is a memorial to those who died during the Witch Trials, the camera had some issues.  Our guide told us that spiritual energy can interfere with electronics and drain camera batteries quickly.  

Our relatively new camera (and fully charged) suddenly wouldn't fire a single shot.  It wouldn't focus and when it did take a picture, the flash wouldn't go off in the pitch black darkness.  Here's what we got:

Weird, right?  Thankfully it cranked back up after we left that spot and we were able to snap a few more pics!

We also got to see the famous bronze statue of Elizabeth Montgomery who played Samantha from Bewitched.  The $75,000 statue was installed in 2005 by TV Land in honor of the two episodes filmed in Salem in 1970.  

And of course we had to have our picture made with her!

We really enjoyed spooky Salem and would love to go back again soon!