Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Catfish Kid

Up North, we don't get a lot of southern comforts.  One of Heather's favorite foods is fried catfish, which is pretty hard to come by in Yankeeland.  If you come to visit New York, do not confuse fried catfish with "fish fry," it's a completely different thing!  

One of our favorite spots to hit while in Missouri is Ann's Restaurant in Qulin, the home of the best catfish and fried potatoes you'll find this side of the Mason-Dixon Line!

Since this was Colt's first visit to Missouri with teeth, we had to introduce him properly to some savory Southern cuisine.   

Ann's Restaurant now features a Sunday buffet-which was pretty tasty!  Along with the Southern staples of fried chicken, catfish, hush puppies and mashed potatoes, they also had several Mexican dishes on the day we visited.   

Mimi made herself a big plate and topped her mashed potatoes with what she thought was gravy.  It wasn't until she had given Colt a few bites that we realized she had covered her potatoes in nacho cheese.  Colt didn't seem to mind!  He really enjoyed the small bites of catfish and hush puppies that he tasted and said they were the best ever!

It wasn't long before he was back at the buffet going for another round!

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