Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo Blizzard Produces First Time Sledders

When Upstate New York was slammed with Nemo Blizzard we ended up with a little snow...about 6-7" to be exact.  Not a lot compared to Boston (24") but it was enough to cover the grass and hills.  It only took a few hours before the roads and parking lots were cleared.

We purchased our first sled ever from Sam's Club and head off to hit the small slopes.  Growing up in the South sort of limits your winter activities.  Plus, living in the flat lands has a disadvantage.  Heather realized she had never been sledding before!  Thankfully, Brett was an old pro so he was able to show us the ropes.

We looked online for sledding areas in Clifton Park and ended up in Kinns Road Park, which looked a little too wooded for our taste.  A cross country skier was nice enough to lead us to a park near Exit 10 at Jewett Park, where we took to the hills!

First timers Heather & Colt had a pretty good time!  Check out our slideshow of wintry fun:


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