Saturday, February 23, 2013

Run for the Border: Colt's First Trip to South Texas

Both Brett & Heather have a lot of family in Texas!  Most of Brett's relatives are from the Abilene area, while Heather's are in South Texas and the Dallas/Ft. Worth regions.  Nevertheless, there's plenty of people to go visit when the weather gets warm!

Colt & Heather flew to Dallas on the first leg of their tour of Texas.  We stayed with cousin Jane & her family overnight before meeting up with Phyllis, and Aunt Bernardine to head down to Harlingen for some warmer weather & more relatives.  Colt managed to knock over a full McDonald's glass of ice tea into Mimi's lap on the flight, leaving her with wetter britches than his!

No one sent Heather the memo about wearing matching outfits
Uncle Sonny & Aunt Ann were happy to show Colt the sights and sounds of South Texas in the winter.  They are winter Texans that live in Mission for several months out of the year and then relocate further North when the Texas temps start to rise.

The weather there was amazing!  Considering New York was still recovering from Nemo, the need for sunscreen was welcomed with open, short sleeved arms!

Colt saved his Bugging Out t-shirt for Uncle Sonny,  the Entomologist
It didn't take long before Colt was into the crate of fresh oranges pulled of the tree in the front yard!  He loved snacking on them, rind and all!

Looks like Uncle Sonny & Aunt Ann's house is the place to be!