Monday, February 25, 2013

Sight Seeing in South Texas

We're so lucky that Colt is a good traveler.  The kid seriously doesn't mind to just pack up and go...which is awesome for us!  We had several stops while in Mission and he didn't miss a beat.
Now where are we going?
On our visit to South Texas, we did a little shopping at the local flea markets.  Because most of the residents & visitors in the area are older, Colt was by far the youngest (and palest) person we encountered.  He didn't mind a little bargain hunting & cheek squeezing by little old ladies!

Three Geriatrics & a Baby
We also drove down to South Padre Island for a day and stopped to eat lunch just before crossing the bridge.  Being able to dress up your kid in funny hats is almost alone worth having one!  Colt wasn't sure what to think of his pirate hat, but we think he was working on getting his "arrrrggghhh" down pat.

Colt only has one shoe, just like the peg leg Pirate
South Padre Island was pretty much a ghost town, just waiting for the thousands of spring breakers destined for there in only a few weeks. Which was nice, but the drinks were just as high priced as if we were drinking them out of a funnel in a wet t-shirt contest.  Heather did not remember ever paying $14 for a mixed drink in school!  How do college students these days afford it??

The Gulf of Mexico was still too cold to swim in, but it was tolerable to dip your toes!  Colt was not a huge fan of the wind blowing down the beach & the chilly water.  He hasn't had a great track record of beach visits though.

But it sure was nice to put your feet in the sand!