Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Copy Cat Crafts: Painted Kitchen Mat

from Heather's craft corner:

Ever know exactly what you are looking for and can't find it for the life of you??  That's exactly how I felt while searching for a mat to go in front of our kitchen sink.

Let me back up and explain why I was on the hunt for the Holy Grail of kitchen accessories.

With my aunt & uncle flying in to New York for a visit, I had the sudden urge to do a little sprucing up.  It started out as a deep cleaning and escalated into painting the walls in our dining area.  Thankfully, our apartment complex doesn't mind!  After pouring over every yellow paint sample from Walmart, I went with the fancy named "Elegant Thai Silk"...or super BRIGHT yellow!

The transformation didn't take long...I actually had the first coat up during Colt's afternoon nap.

After the paint dried, it was time to accessorize!  I found cute yellow dish towels at Target.

Kohl's was where I snagged the perfect oven mit.

And then I was at a blank for a kitchen sink mat.  I ditched Brett on babysitting duty and spent an entire afternoon running all over Clifton Park and Albany searching high and low for something anything with yellow in it. Strike. Out.

In desperation, I googled "yellow kitchen mat" and found a link to the blog One Life to Love.  This woman was genius with her DIY project!  Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, I discovered I could just make it myself.  I copied exactly what she had done...taking an old mat that I had used in the kitchen and was now just in the laundry room for no particular reason.

I covered the mat with a coat of white acrylic paint to give it a base, but the material seemed to be just sucking up the paint.  I switched to the white semi-gloss paint I was using to touch up the kitchen walls and did two coats of that, letting it dry thoroughly.

I ended up using the same Elegant Thai Silk yellow paint that I put on the walls for my yellow on the mat. Perfect match, right?  When you have a toddler, sometimes you have to get creative on where your work space is!  I copied One Life to Love's example nearly exactly (using the iPad as reference).

I added a couple of coats of spray polyurethane sealant so we'll see how it holds up. So far we've stood on it with shoes and without and it seems to be doing ok.

Here's the finished product in it's spot!