Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Copy-Cat Crafts: Cross Stitch Family

From Heather's craft corner:

Ever come across an idea in a magazine or see something online that you thought you could make?  At first, you're like, "I don't have time to do that, so I'll just buy it" and then you catch the price.  Whhhhaaaaattttttt? There's no way I'm paying that outrageous amount of money for something I can do myself.  Suddenly, the Martha in you rears up, you grab your glue gun, roll up your sleeves and drive to Hobby Lobby about to make some magic happen with your 40% off coupon.

That's exactly what happened when I came across this:

It's a torn out piece of paper from the Red Envelop catalog we get frequently.  They always have some neat stuff and ideas for gifts, but a lot of times the prices can be a little high.  For example, in this cross-stitch family portrait, a family of two adults + 1 child will set you back $225 smackers!

Luckily, Colt had been ransacking my closet a few nights earlier and managed to drag out a plastic box full of crafting materials I had saved since my craft time-y undergraduate days.  Inside were all the supplies needed to start on just a project like this!  I had my 14 count needlepoint cloth, embroidery threads of every color and a small wooden hoop to stretch the cloth.  All I had to pick up was a package of embroidery needles at Jo-Ann's to get started.

I grabbed some graphing papers and colored pencils from the kid's school supply section at Target (I'm patting myself of the back for timing this project with back to school going on~I had no problems finding what I needed, and cheap!)  Once I had my supplies ready to go, I started by drawing out our family.  Martha Stewart's website had a great tutorial on how to design your little people and it came in handy on this project too!

Can you tell that's supposed to be Colt?
First time in my life ever I'll have 'perfect' hair!
Brett really debated the color of his shirt...
I created each person on their own piece of paper and then just cut them out and taped them to another piece of graphing paper, making sure to match the lines up correctly.  Suddenly, we had a little family!

And after a few days worth of working while Colt napped, the people on the paper turned into this!

Like I said, "Anything you can do, I can do better less expensive!"

Here's the finished product, straight from the Hobby Lobby framing department.  I actually used a record frame that came with a pre-cut circle mat and I had them add a green mat that matched Colt's shirt and also goes with the wall in his room.

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