Sunday, September 1, 2013

Don't Mess with the New York State Fair

Entertaining company from Texas can be a bit tricky.  Those folks set a high bar for bigger & better.  And when people from the Lone Star State meet people from the Empire State, it can turn into a bit of a bragging competition...New Yorkers are pretty proud!  With my Aunt Bernardine & Uncle John in town touring the Northeast, I figured they needed to see the best of the best.  Things might be bigger in Texas, but they ain't better.  

Case in point: the New York State Fair.

Last year I took my parents to visit the humongous fair in Syracuse.  We had such a good time, that when I was offered complimentary tickets for holding a fair ticket giveaway on my blog, it was a no-brainer to head back.  This time, we loaded up Aunt Bernardine & Uncle John, packed everything but the kitchen sink we needed for Colt, and Brett (thankfully) volunteered to make the long drive to the 'Cuse.

I didn't realize how much I missed at last year's fair until this visit!  There was honestly so much to see and do there that you could spend a couple of days wandering around and still not catch it all.

Our advice for tackling the fair is to go during the week if at all possible.  Our Sunday visit was just a little bit crowded!  The Fair's foot traffic usually hits around the million people mark and I think we were there with about half of that on the day we went!

We had a lot of fun showing our Texas relatives all of the things that make up the great state of New York.  On the drive over to Syracuse, Aunt Bernardine mentioned she wasn't too impressed with the corn crops here.  In fact, she called them 'spindly'.  The corn may be bigger in Texas, but the Lone Star state pales in comparison to the snowfall totals around here!

Amarillo, Texas with a measly 17.9" of snow
Albany with 62" of snow
Syracuse wins with 179" of snow...that's almost 15 FEET of snow!
Some of the biggest treats we discovered at the fair came in cups.  Let me tell you, it's amazing how much easier it is to deal with livestock smells, crowds of people and your own squirming child after you have had a visit the Wine Tent!  Aunt Bernardine & I tried the famous Montezuma Winery Wine Slushies and they did not disappoint.  The slushies were sort of like if you put wine and ice into a slurpee machine.  The mix of Fat Frog Red and Diamond White tied together well!  The winery is based out of Senaca Falls.  If you're in the vicinity, I recommend stopping by!

Colt got in on the action at the Dairy Barn with his dad.  They knocked back chocolate milk like it was going out of style at just $.25 a cup!

We had a blast at the New York State Fair (again!) and would recommend to New Yorkers, Texans and everybody in between.  Y'all will love it!

Here's a extended look of what we got to see and do during our visit:

Next year the New York State Fair will run August 21nd - September 1st.  Put it on your calendar to come!

*Special thanks to the New York State Fair for our complimentary tickets.  We had a blast-Y'all are awesome!