Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from The Garretts

We like to celebrate Halloween around here in a big, fun way...and as much as we can!

Darla, Nemo & P. Sherman
New York's weather was a little wet, but it didn't stop us from a little trick-or-treating.  We stopped by the Clifton Park Mall (with a couple hundred other families) to pick up some sugar.

As you can guess, things went really well.  Nemo loved constantly running the opposite direction we were going.  And laying in the floor.

Our festive front porch attracted 66 trick-or-treaters this year!  Thankfully the Barretts and the Garretts had enough candy!  We're lucky to have such fun neighbors who love Halloween as much as we do!

Can you find the Barretts in this picture??
Just a couple of Witches in Training!

 Happy Halloween!