Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sit Down With Santa...Or Don't

Most kids love Santa!  He's the jolly old man who brings present to children all over the world in one magical night.  Kids line up at malls across the country to sit on Santa's lap and tell them their wish list. Elf's on the Shelf are busy reporting to Santa, making sure little ones are on their best behavior.

It's a nice idea to paint, isn't it??  Maybe we will get there someday.

Here's the reality:

Our fist visit with Santa this year was at the South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC while we were visiting for Thanksgiving.  Colt's cousins, Walter Mack & Hudson, had no problem smiling with Santa.  Colt, as you can see, wasn't happy at all to be there!

Thinking we should try again, we did.  Maybe a different time, different Santa and a little snack before hand would make a difference?  Guess what?  It didn't.  And, in fact, it went even worse than the first time...

Sorry Santa...maybe next year will be less traumatic!!